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Conditions for Fort Smith, AR at 8:51 pm CDT
LOW 61°

2 Day Forecast
Wed Mostly Clear
High: 81°F Low: 61°F
Thu Isolated Thunderstorms
High: 73°F Low: 47°F
Fri Mostly Sunny
High: 82°F Low: 54°F
Sat Partly Cloudy
High: 89°F Low: 66°F
Sun Thunderstorms
High: 74°F Low: 62°F
More Current Condition Details
High 81°F
Low 61°F
Wind Chill 75°F
Wind Speed 5 mph
Wind Direction 130
Sunrise 6:33 am
Sunset 7:55 pm
Latitude 35.33
Longitude -94.36

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